OGN: open fuseholder for THR

SCHURTER fuseholder for Through-Hole Reflow

  • OGN: open fuseholder for THR
    OGN: open fuseholder for THR

The SCHURTER OGN fuseholder is a product that has proven itself over decades and has been continuously improved and expanded with new variants. Now SCHURTER is introducing a third option, which closes the last gap: THR (Through-Hole Reflow).

Highly integrated electronic circuits are almost exclusively assembled with SMT components and soldered in a reflow oven. However, it is sometimes necessary to include THT components on the circuit board. This has a decisive disadvantage: THT components need to be soldered differently, a second soldering process is necessary.

The solution: THR

In fact, THR components are through-hole components. They are specially designed for automated assembly and high thermal stress in the reflow oven. During the assembly process, a paste is first printed into the vias for the THT pins, and then the component is pushed through the solder paste. As the paste melts in the reflow oven, the liquid solder retracts into the vias due to wetting and capillary forces and forms the solder joint.