Configurable Display Switch

Very flexible and intuitive

  • Configurable Display Switch
    Configurable Display Switch

The CDS1 from Schurter is an innovative capacitive input system. It benefits from intuitive operation and can be freely configured. Universal, it can be used in numerous applications. It provides a simple, elegant look combined with the technology used in smartphones. A single tap or wipe is enough to make it operational. Icons and images or video sequences in animated GIF format can be uploaded via a standard USB interface. 

User-friendliness and operating safety through intuitive handling with minimal learning curve

How and what the high-contrast, and high-intensity OLED display (128 x 128 pixels) shows is determined solely by the developer. Touchscreens technology simplifies system integration, system maintenance and further development. Any adaptation or modification can be carried out via software and does not require any mechanical adjustments. 

Graduated in political sciences and international relations in Paris, Anis joined the team in early 2019. Editor for IEN Europe and the new digital magazine AI IEN, he is a new tech enthusiast. Also passionate about sports, music, cultures and languages. 

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