Thermal Fuse with Shunt Resistor

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Features galvanic separation in case of extreme temperatures

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Thermal Fuse with Shunt Resistor
Thermal Fuse with Shunt Resistor

To answer the threat to modern electronics regarding overcurrent and extremely high temperatures, Schurter introduces the RTS, a fail-safe device consisting of a thermal fuse and a shunt resistor. This combination enables to detect occurring fault (overcurrent) and temperature increase, thus, interrupt them by the thermal protection. As a low-impedance resistor with low temperature dependence, the shunt allows precise measurements of the current flowing through the component, regardless of the ambient temperature.

With shunt, the impedance of the RTS demonstrates a lower temperature dependence

The standard version of the RTS with shunt features a resistance of the measuring sensor of 500 µΩ, with a measurement of the small voltage dropping. A controller processes the measured values received and can react with a separation of the circuit if the current is too high. The RTS thermal protection compliments with the classic overcurrent and is placed as closed as possible to the component to be protected. In case of thermal runaway, the thermal protection provides galvanic separation by separating the component from the circuit.

Fully integrated, the RTS can save costs and increase operational safety

Regarding customer-specific variants, the triggering temperature of the RTS of 210 °C can be set lower or higher for a current problem or a broad range of applications. An overcurrent fuse in the housing of the RTS can also be additionally installed. Consequently, the user can have three products in a single, reflow-solderable SMD component with a low footprint including overtemperature protection, overcurrent protection and a sensor for measuring the current intensity in the form of a shunt.

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SCHURTER continues to be a progressive innovator and manufacturer of electronic and electrical components worldwide. Our products ensure safe and clean supply of power, while making equipment easy to use. We offer a broad range of standard products including circuit protection, connectors, EMC products, switches and input systems, as well as electronic manufacturing services. Moreover, SCHURTER is ready to work with our customers to meet their application specific requirements, not covered in our standard range. You can rely on SCHURTER's global network of companies and partners to guarantee a high level of local service and product delivery.

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Thermal Fuse with Shunt Resistor

Features galvanic separation in case of extreme temperatures

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