400 VDC Connectors According to IEC TS

Pure DC and hybrid versions made from bio-based plastic

  • 400 VDC Connectors According to IEC TS
    400 VDC Connectors According to IEC TS

With the GP21 and GS21 connectors, SCHURTER launched the world's first DC connector systems standardized according to IEC TS 62735-1 for efficient power distribution in data centers, for power distribution strips and UPS applications back in 2019.

The GH21 and GI21 appliance Inlets are now new products for the 400 VDC range. The GI21 model is designed for pure DC operation, while the GH21 is a hybrid version and can therefore accept both AC and DC current. SCHURTER also offers the rewireable GC21 Connector to match the appliance Inlets. A cord retention system developed from scratch ensures safe operation in everyday use. All three new products are made from a bio-based plastic (Green Plastic).

The advantages of DC

With a pure DC supply, cost-intensive and failure-prone transformations and conversions, including their components, are completely eliminated. Operational reliability increases with improved efficiency. And climate-friendly technologies that generate direct current are becoming established in energy generation.

Due to its properties, the standards for direct current (2.6 kW) require a more complex connector connection design as DC arcs must be avoided when disconnecting the supply. Another highlight is the extended temperature range of the connector pins from -5 °C to +105 °C.

Under the designation SPC1, SCHURTER now also offers suitable, customized DC power cables for all connection options on request.