Sustainable Appliance Connectors

SCHURTER introduces its Green Line of high-quality products made from bio-based plastics that are made from plant-based raw materials.

  • Sustainable Appliance Connectors
    Sustainable Appliance Connectors

Sustainability is no longer a trend, but the order of the day. Wherever we can reduce our CO₂ footprint, we should do so. The SCHURTER products presented are the 6100-3, 6100-4, 6102-3, 6102-5, 6600-3 and 6600-4, which are already established on the market, are IEC 60320 compatible appliance connectors which can now also be obtained made of bio-based plastics.

Green Line Products

"Green Line" is the product collection of SCHURTER components with the focus on reducing today's CO₂ footprint and becoming less dependent on fossil raw materials.

Bio-based plastics

The environmentally friendly alternative to the fossil-based plastics that are widespread today are plastics that are made from plant-based raw materials. Plant based raw materials have a CO₂-neutral footprint over the entire life cycle, which leads to a significant reduction in the CO₂ emissions and thus of the products. In addition, bio-based plastics often have a lower density than fossil plastics, resulting in lower material consumption.

Green Line family in planning

Further products will soon follow with the already implemented IEC 60320 appliance connectors. SCHURTER will offer a complete family of products with a significantly reduced CO₂ footprint.

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