FMAB NEO: Filter for Protection Class II

New version of the SCHURTER filter family for protection class II

  • FMAB NEO: Filter for Protection Class II
    FMAB NEO: Filter for Protection Class II

SCHURTER expands the proven FMAB NEO single-phase filter family with new variants for protection class II applications. The new filter series without protective ground connection is available as a medical M5 version for a rated current range from 1 A to 20 A with plug-in terminals.


Protection class II applications do not have a protective ground wire. To ensure effective personal protection even without a protective ground conductor, protection class II devices feature additional insulation. Typical applications include power tools, audio and video equipment and many medical devices. Protection class II is even mandatory for a variety of medical applications.


The single-stage FMAB NEO filter family has a particularly compact design combined with high performance. It is suitable for applications in the temperature range from -40 °C to 100 °C and has ENEC and cURus approvals.

High Performance Versions

In addition to the standard version, SCHURTER also offers variants with optimized attenuation. These variants have particularly high-quality core materials.