AC Servo Drives and Motors

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Easy implementation of motion control with a single software

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AC Servo Drives and Motors
AC Servo Drives and Motors
AC Servo Drives and Motors
AC Servo Drives and Motors

Unitronics released a new line of AC Servo drives and motors with a very simple approach to allow users to implement Motion Control easily. The new offer comprises 1- and 3-phase drives and motors that operate at a power range from 50W to 5,000W (0.06-6.7 HP) to fit any machine size, with robust, high-resolution built-in serial encoders (absolute: 23-bit, incremental: 20-bit). IP65 protected, they include some easy-to-use features such as ready-made motion code, embedded diagnostic tools, or automatic seamless communication setup. The ready-made motion code feature allows the users to test their completed system. The code can be opened and adapted to other applications via PLCopen standard functions.

Time-saving benefits through an innovative approach 

The integrated solution helps avoid multiple software tools to build an application with up to 8 axes. The single software (UniLogic) uses a single parameter and set up and program PLC, HMI, Servo, VFD, and I/O. UniLogic comprises a built-in high-speed scope to view servo run-time performance. It automatically analyzes mechanical properties and recommends safe values for the user application. Last, no PC is needed: users can set motion parameters, monitor axis behavior and I/Os, execute movements (such as Point-to-Point, Jog, and Homing) via an HMI panel or a virtual HMI screen on a mobile device.

Posted on November 11, 2019 - (589 views)
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Unitronics designs, manufactures, and markets advanced control and automation solutions. Our extensive offering includes a complete line of PLCs with integrated HMI, full line of VFDs, AC Servo Drives & Motors, a broad array of I/Os and complementary devices, as well as programming software for all aspects of control, motion, HMI, and communications. Unitronics PLCs range from micro-PLC + HMI units for simple machine control, to complex controllers with advanced functions, a variety of onboard IOs and multiple communication options – including support for Industry 4.0 (smart factory) technology.

Easy to use, efficient, and affordable, our products have been automating processes, systems and standalone applications since 1989. Today, our field-proven products automate over 1 million installations in diverse fields, including petrochemicals, automotive, food processing, plastics & textiles, energy & environment, water & waste water management – anywhere automated processes are required.

Unitronics is represented by more than 180 distributors in over 60 countries around the globe, providing our customers with local support in their local languages.

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