Angled Duo Connecting Cords

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With M8/ M12 female cable connectors

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Angled Duo Connecting Cords
Angled Duo Connecting Cords

Limited space within machine applications where local wiring for actor-sensor interface boxes is used, require angled duo connectors, such as those offered by Binder. In this way on pin 2 and 4 of the duo connector 2 signals per plug-in place and parallel to that on pin1 and 3 the power supply of the sensors can be transferred. For the male side the M12 system is used and for the female side either M8 or M12 can be used. Signal 1 and signal 2 are marked on the duo connector. The coding on the angled duo connector is like with the standard M12 angled connectors. In that way it is made sure that the cable outlets point in the same direction. Also the height is identic with the one of the angled standard versions. The position of the cable outlets are one above the other whereas the position of the lower one allows easy mating with a female panel mount part. In that way several angled parts can be mated into any box side by side. In order to apply a pre-defined torque the M8/ M12 locking ring has got a hexagon contour. The standard cable length is 1 m other lengths are available on request. Every cable has got a 3 x 0,34 mm² cross section and a PUR coating. Therefore 4A can be conducted via the gold plated contacts without problems. When mated and locked the connectors fulfill IP 67.

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