AnotherBrain Accelerates its Development in 2020 to Deliver New AI Solutions Based on New Approaches

Singular approach: an AI that is self-learning and frugal in data and energy

  • AnotherBrain Accelerates its Development in 2020 to Deliver New AI Solutions Based on New Approaches
    AnotherBrain Accelerates its Development in 2020 to Deliver New AI Solutions Based on New Approaches

In this uncertain period when everything is being challenged, singular approaches can bring new faster, more efficient and truly intelligent solutions. AnotherBrain doubles its efforts to bring its technology to the market. All the spotlights are focused on AI, which has a crucial role to play in taking up the challenges of tomorrow.

AnotherBrain develops a new generation of artificial intelligence, thanks to a singular approach. Close to how the human brain works, their technology goes beyond current mainstream AI, is self-learning and frugal in data and energy.

Delivered today as a software, the technology will soon be available on an AI chip, as a frugal and efficient ASIC. AnotherBrain is quickly expanding, with deep European roots, including its respect for privacy and focus on human-friendly explainable AI. This year, AnotherBrain marks a major turning point in its development in order to deploy its singular proprietary technology. With the conclusion of its Series A fundraising in March and its entry into the French Tech 120 program dedicated to the most promising French startups, AnotherBrain is taking actions to maximize its chances to succeed.

AnotherBrain, laureate of the French Tech 120

In 2020, AnotherBrain is joining the first FT120 promotion, a prestigious flagship program, initiative of the French government for growth-stage companies with strong potential for global leadership. The French Tech 120 label offers an unprecedented support to the French hyper-growth young companies to accelerate their development and to make them international leaders. The French and European digital sovereignty is more than ever a challenge and necessity in order to be able to create opportunities and be independent. AnotherBrain, the only FT120 company working on a proprietary AI, brings a solution and it's a real asset to meet this challenge.

Recruitments to foster AnotherBrain’s growth

The company reinforces its R&D & industrial deployment teams, including to roll out existing AI solutions for industrial automation, out of which Quality Control for Industry 4.0, smart city, automotive and IoT markets. AnotherBrain has already signed contracts with Fortune 100 companies acting on those fields.“Cards are shuffled. The global tornado we find ourselves in will generate important changes, such as reindustrialization in high salary countries, needs for new materials, new molecules, more intelligent solutions…This is why we decided to take those changes as opportunities. To be up to it, we must get prepared now. Expectations towards artificial intelligence are very high. The world needs more than ever a real efficient AI to adapt to new paradigms. AnotherBrain has a powerful and very singular technology which may help bringing solutions where other cannot. Thus, we decided to use our technology to see if we may be of any help in molecule synthesis. Humbly but proactively: we dedicated a bright team to this goal. Finally, in these troubled times companies have to be careful with expenses, and we are; but when confinement will end up, activity will rebound, and we have to be ready. For all those reasons, we’re still looking for bright people." said Bruno Maisonnier, founder & CEO of AnotherBrain.

AnotherBrain aims to double its workforce, to reach up to 65 employees by the end of the year.

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