Bandpass Filters

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With 532, 785 and 1064 nm center wavelengths

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Bandpass Filters
Bandpass Filters

Fabricated using hard ion beam sputtering technology, the TECHSPEC OD 6 laser line bandpass filters provide the high transmission and deep rejection necessary to isolate narrow spectral regions for use in a wide variety of applications. Highly durable, they achieve greater than 90% transmission at their specified design laser wavelength. Manufactured by Edmund Optics, the filters offer blocking of >6.0 optical density at just +1.5% of the laser wavelength. Designed to offer maximum transmission of stimulated emission, while eliminating noisy spontaneous emission, they provide a full width half maximum (FWHM) as narrow as 2 nm. Suitable for use in laser-based fluorescence instrumentation and Raman spectroscopy, as well as in analytical and medical laser systems, the filters are available with center wavelengths of 532, 785 and 1064 nm with diameters of 12.5 and 25 mm.

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Edmund Optics
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Edmund Optics® (EO) is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of precision optics, optical assemblies and imaging components with headquarters in the USA and manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Asia and sales representatives in Germany (Karlsruhe) and additional sites around the globe. With a portfolio of more than 29.800 products, EO has the world’s largest inventory of optical components for immediate delivery and offers products, standard or customized, in small quantities but also in volume for various industries. With a global team of experts in optical design and manufacturing, EO is ready to support any projects – from design, to prototype to serial production. In addition, EO offers special programs for Research and Universities and pro-actively supports StartUps to accelerate their business. Learn more and contact us today! Please also ask for our latest catalog, we are happy to send it to you!

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