Battery Pack Charger

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Provides high level of safety for Li batteries

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Battery Pack Charger
Battery Pack Charger

Housed in an impact resistant non-vented polycarbonate case, GlobTek’s GS-2262 series of Li-ON chargers offers a compact and cost effective solution for charging the company’s GL-523434A2 Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer battery pack. It features the ability to be custom tailored for specific applications while providing the highest level of safety in lithium battery charger. This smart charger includes pre-qualification of the battery condition before bulk charging commences. If the battery voltage is low, a trickle charge is enabled until the voltage is high enough for safe bulk current charging. Constant current and constant voltage charging technique is utilized during bulk charging phase. Charge is terminated when charging current drops to 10% of the bulk charge level. A programmable charge timer is also included as safety back-up for charge termination. Charge status indicators using two LEDs and battery over temperature protection are also included. The charger requires the company’s GT-41052-1512 wall plug in power supply or GT-41062-1512-T2 or T3 tabletop power supply (12V input). Modified and custom designs are also available.

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Globtek is commited to strive for increasing market share by offering high quality products while continuing aggressive research and development of new products following technological trends and fulfilling our customers' demands.

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