Bayonet Connectors

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500h salt spray and IP69K rating

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Bayonet Connectors
Bayonet Connectors

Recognizing the need for higher sealing and RoHS compliant platings, ITT Interconnect Solutions recently released the BLUE GENERATION zinc nickel plating for the CA bayonet connector. The plating provides salt spray resistance up to 500h and fully RoHS compliance in blue/grey finish. A patented universal shielded end bell with robust sealing capability enables safer transmission of signals and improved reliability over competitive products. It provides an outstanding strain relief, simplified harnessing, and environmental protection against high-pressure and steam cleaning to IP69K. The CA MIL-C5015 and VG95234 bayonet connectors benefit from a highly reliable bayonet coupling design, enabling easy and secure connection/disconnection while offering vibration resistance up to 20g and sealing against fluids. They are available in a variety of shell styles and accessories, including 90 degree end bells allowing for easy adaptation to customer specific applications. The commonality of standard end bells and tooling with other Cannon devices ensures lower total cost of ownership. Insulators are manufactured from high quality polychloroprene to withstand temperatures from -55C to 125°C and provide sealing in the unmated condition. The bayonet contacts incorporate copper alloy plated with a hard silver finish (optional gold) and guarantee at least 500 mating cycles. All solder contacts feature a special passivation to comply with RoHS requirements.

Posted on November 14, 2011 - (43 views)
ITT Industries Interconnect Solutions
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