Calibratable Air-Flow Meter

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Calibratable Air-Flow Meter
Calibratable Air-Flow Meter

halstrup-walcher presents a calibratable air-flow meter that records air consumption and energy flows within air-conditioning and process-air systems. The instrument is based on a highly precise mass flow and enthalpy sensor system yielding ultraprecise measurement results, regardless of whether the cross-section of the line in question is small or large. The special strengths of the technology used in the Luftmeister® are even on display when the system in question involves obstacles followed only by short inlets.

The instrument records the ventilation and/or supply of warmed/cooled air in individual zones, which can then be optimized and used for billing purposes. The Luftmeister® can be used for conducting full energy contribution analyses and/or for verifying air consumption savings - taking heat recovery into account as well. These studies are the perfect support for energy management in compliance with EN 50001.

Posted on November 13, 2015 - (2108 views)
halstrup-walcher GmbH
Stegener Strasse 10
79199 Kirchzarten - Germany
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