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Calibration Verification System

Suitable for flare gas monitoring

Posted on February 25, 2011 - ( views)

by Web Editor

Allowing technicians to confirm flow measurement accuracy in only minutes, the VeriCal in-situ calibration verification system from Fluid Components International saves time and lowers operating costs in flare gas applications aboard offshore platforms and land based oil and gas, and chemical plants. It allows for the verification of flow meter calibration without removing the meter from the pipe or process and makes it easy to meet process validation more effectively and comply with environmental regulation requirements. The system works with the company’s latest air/gas flow measurement products. It combines a specifically manufactured and plumbed air/gas flow element with additional electronics that feed and measure a precise flow of gas from a nitrogen source. To test a flow meter, the nitrogen gas is flowed through the meter’s flow element and measured against five benchmark measurement points across the meter’s range.  The in-situ flow meter test data is then compared to original FCI laboratory calibration and installation benchmark test data for the meter. Performing a verification with VeriCal also provides a secondary benefit of cleaning the flow element sensors which helps ensure performance and reduces the need for routine maintenance.

Edited by: Teoman Tugsuz

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