Carbon Dioxide Logger

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Measures concentrations up to 5,000ppm

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Carbon Dioxide Logger
Carbon Dioxide Logger

A distributor of Tinytag data loggers, PSE Priggen announced the launch of new dedicated indoor CO2 loggers, which use a self-calibrating infrared sensor to determine carbon dioxide concentrations. The sensor compensates for the aging of the infrared source to ensure outstanding long term stability. Mains powered, the unit is available in a 0-2000ppm version as standard. For more specialized situations a 0-5000ppm version is also available. Users are able to set a desired upper ppm concentration limit which triggers the flashing red LED light if this level is reached. Data from the logger is downloaded to a PC via a USB connection and viewed using the easy to use Tinytag Explorer software, with data clearly presented as graphs and tables. If required, data used together with that from loggers monitoring other environmental parameters can help provide an integrated overview of building monitoring.

Posted on November 15, 2011 - (1573 views)
PSE-Priggen Special Electronic
Sellen 102a
48565 Steinfurt - Germany
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