USB Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

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25MHz bandwidth, 200 MS/s sampling rate

Test & Measurement

USB Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
USB Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Providing a combination of a two-channel oscilloscope and a 16-channel logic analyzer, the all-in-one compact PicoScope 2205 from PSE-Priggen allows the user to view analog waveforms and digital data on the same screen. The analog bandwidth is 25 MHz and the digital channels accept signals as fast as 100 MHz. Maximum sampling rate is 200 MS/s. Suitable for general-purpose analog and digital circuit design, testing and troubleshooting, the USB-powered oscilloscope does not require an AC adapter. The 48K-sample buffer is large enough to store multiple captures in rapid sequence as little as 2 µs apart. The included PicoScope software comes with a range of advanced signal processing features such as spectrum analyzer, automatic measurements with statistics, channel math, reference waveforms, multiple scope and spectrum views, I2C, UART, SPI and CAN bus serial decoding, XY mode, advanced triggers, mask limit testing, and color persistence display modes. The digital inputs can be displayed individually or in arbitrary groups labeled with binary, decimal of hex values. A separate ±5V logic threshold can be defined for each 8-bit input port. The digital trigger can be activated by any bit pattern combined with an optional transition on any input. Finally, analog and digital triggers can be combined using Boolean logic to enable complex mixed-signal triggering. An SDK, also included, allows the user to control the scopes using their own software. Both the SDK and the PicoScope is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Sample programs in C, Excel and LabView are available.

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