Change of Management at Micro-Epsilon

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Alexander Wisspeintner and Thomas Wisspeintner succeed Johann Salzberger

Change of Management at Micro-Epsilon
Change of Management at Micro-Epsilon

On 15th January 2015, the management board of sensor specialist Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Germany changed. After Karl Wisspeintner passed management into the hands of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Sellen in 2012, now his sons Dr. Alexander Wisspeintner and Dr. Thomas Wisspeintner succeed Johann Salzberger.

Johann Salzberger has been responsible for managing sales and marketing at Micro-Epsilon for more than 38 years. At a recent ceremony, he passed on the reins to his successors: "For me, the greatest achievements have been the durability of the company's development over several decades, the sustainability of working methods and decision-making, as well as the continuously growing popularity of the Micro-Epsilon brand in domestic and global markets during 40 years. The generation change will release new power and drive, which will contribute to the continuing positive development of the company. I wish my successors every good fortune in their daily decision-making at all times."

Dr. Alexander Wisspeintner takes over the areas of information technology, software development and organisation, whereas Dr. Thomas Wisspeintner will be responsible for the marketing, sales and commercial operations. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Sellen remains head of development and products.

In 2014, the Bavarian company further established its international presence and founded two new sales branches in Sweden and India respectively. Furthermore, Micro-Epsilon was rewarded with the Bavarian Innovation Prize for an automatic inspection system for painted surfaces in automotive production.

"I advocate even stronger cooperation between the companies belonging to the Micro-Epsilon group because we can achieve lots within the company group", said Dr. Alexander Wisspeintner. "Increased globalisation is both our opportunity and a challenge at the same time. However, with regards to our innovative sensor technology range and the well-founded skills and knowledge of our employees, I know that we are well prepared to open up new markets with our high precision products manufactured in Germany and Europe. I look forward to my future task," said Dr. Thomas Wisspeintner.

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