Change of Name: Manz Automation AG is now Manz AG

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The engineering company is communicating its new self-image

Change of Name: Manz Automation AG is now Manz AG
Change of Name: Manz Automation AG is now Manz AG

Manz Automation AG is now Manz AG. By making this change, the globally active engineering company is communicating its expanded range of expertise and its development from a specialist for automation solutions to a supplier of integrated production systems. Today, Manz develops and builds processing equipment for the photovoltaic industry, for manufacturing flat panel displays and touch panels, as well as for lithium-ion batteries.
"After being in business for close to a quarter of a century, we can do a lot more today than just automation, and our name shouldn't restrict us to just that field," says Dieter Manz, founder and CEO of the company. Manz has focused its expertise on integrated production systems for several years now, anticipating a trend toward increasingly shorter process chains. "Module manufacturers need to carry out more than 20 individual steps to manufacture a thin-film solar module. And in order to do so, they have to run 20 different processing machines. I am confident that, in a few years, this number will be much smaller, since the sustained cost pressure is forcing them to become increasingly efficient. We will build machines that can complete several steps of the process, but first we need to master each and every one of those steps," explains Dieter Manz.

Posted on July 1, 2011 - (442 views)
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