Cloud-based Measurement Data Storage

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Compatible with IoT devices and protocols

Industry 4.0, Test & Measurement

Cloud-based Measurement Data Storage
Cloud-based Measurement Data Storage

In order to track pressure measurements such as fill levels, or monitor limit values from a distance, Keller AG released the Kolibri Cloud, a cloud-based solution designed to avoid costs of setting up and maintaining the software, databases and servers. It enables to centrally store and securely access the measurement data anytime and from anywhere. The Kolibri Cloud works with a personal login and SSL encryption for secure access to measured data. The measurement can be graphically displayed in real time with export functions to Excel and CSV formats.

Customized cloud solutions based on Open Source software and documentation

When the water level is high or the battery level is low, the integrated alarm system reacts with a warning message sent by e-mail. The Kolibri Cloud API allows to forward, visualize or process the measurement data through retrieving metrics via HTTPS in a standardized JSON format. Moreover, this system is compatible with Keller IoT devices such as GSM and ARC series, and remote data transmission units based on IoT protocols. 

Posted on May 9, 2019 - (339 views)
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