Secure Portal for Measurement Data Storage

Graphically displays measurements in real time with export functions

  • Secure Portal for Measurement Data Storage
    Secure Portal for Measurement Data Storage

Keller’s KOLIBRI Cloud API helps store measurement data centrally and access it safely anytime and worldwide. For instance, it is of use to track pressure measurements such as fill levels or monitor limit values conveniently from a distance. The personal login and SSL encryption ensure secure and convenient access to measured data. Available data is used without installation, maintenance and management of databases, FTP or e-mail servers are no longer a problem. Measurements can be graphically displayed in real time and the export function allows the user to download to Excel and CSV formats.

A state-of-the-art cloud solution without recurring costs

Its integrated alarm system ensures the effortless monitoring of all measuring points, e.g. if the water level is high or the battery level is low, a warning message will be sent via e-mail. To enhance the security aspects, the state-of-the-art authentication and encryption are based on best practices and standards. KOLIBRI enables custom software to retrieve metrics via HTTPS in a standardized JSON format, thus, the measurement data can be forwarded to the user’s own systems, visualized or processed further on the user’s display software. Moreover, open source software and documentation help build own cloud solutions that are based on the mechanisms of the KOLIBRI cloud.

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