COM Express Module Type 6

Comes with Intel Atom x6000 Series

  • COM Express Module Type 6
    COM Express Module Type 6

Powered by Intel® Atom® x6000 Series and featuring the COM Express Type 6 Compact standard, the CPU-161-19 made by Eurotech enables soft real time and simplifies the development of Edge systems. It is a COM Express module that features the Intel® Atom® x6000 Series. Designed for fanless applications in harsh environments where long term reliability is a must, the CPU-161-19 delivers up to 4 CPU cores and up to 32 graphic execution units and in-band ECC RAM. 

Allow seamless migration for existing projects

If features an all-soldered down design to improve resilience and thermal coupling and operates from -40 to +85°C. Both the CPU and the integrated GPU deliver great performance improvements compared to the previous Atom generation, while keeping the TDP at 12W or less.

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