Compact, Flexible & Portable Time Converter

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Easy conversion of time synchronisation signals

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Compact, Flexible & Portable Time Converter
Compact, Flexible & Portable Time Converter

The PTP Time Converter TICRO 100 by OMICRON Lab has been developed for precise time synchronisation of non PTP-capable measuring equipment, sensors and PLCs via Ethernet in accordance with IEEE 1588. It converts the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) into conventional time synchronisation signals like IRIG-B, DCF77 or different PPX-signals. These time code signals can be easily assigned to the TICRO 100's coaxial, optocoupler or optical outputs using an intuitive web interface.

Additionally the time converter provides a precise 10 MHz nominal frequency for locking frequency counters, signal generators and spectrum analysers. In case of a PTP signal loss or a network failure the TICRO 100's internal, high stable reference oscillator guarantees the precise local generation of the time synchronisation signals for up to 24 hours.

The device is fully compliant to the PTP Power Profile according IEEE C37.238. Therefore, it is an ideal solution to synchronise protection- and automation systems in the electric power industry. In combination with OMICRON Lab's antenna-integrated PTP Grandmaster Clock OTMC 100, the time converter offers a compact, flexible and portable solution to generate time and frequency reference signals.

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