Compact Melter with Double Piston Pump

Hot Melter with high performance and larger tank

  • Compact Melter with Double Piston Pump
    Compact Melter with Double Piston Pump

Meler launches Micron + Dupla: a melter with double piston pump and high pumping power (100 kg/h per pump) that also has a 45L tank. It is positioned as one of the highest performance hot melt piston pump melters on the market. It is the largest of Meler's compact melters.  At present, the range offered tanks from 5 to 35 l content. This range is completed up to a capacity of 45 l to meet the demand of sectors such as mattresses or product assembly. 

Wide flow rate 

Manufacturers need their industrial equipment to be versatile. That is why Meler has developed Micron+ DUPLA, a melter with two pumps that can operate separately or simultaneously depending on the customer's needs. If the application has several dosing points with different pressure requirements, Micron + Dupla adapts by creating two independent circuits of up to 100kg/h of pumping power. If, on the other hand, the production line requires a maximum adhesive flow, the melter is configured to offer a flow rate of up to 200 kg/h.

The change from one circuit configuration to two is done by a simple mechanical adjustment that any line manager can carry out in a few simple steps. This versatility is enhanced by the possibility of connecting up to 8 hydraulic outlets.

The new launch has also allowed Meler to expand the language of its Micron Technology. After 5 years on the market, the Micron+ HMI platform adds a "new universal language" in which symbols predominate instead of textual content. In this way, human-machine interaction delivers better results in markets where the use of uncommon alphabets increases complexity in daily work. 

Accessibility and cleaning

Accessibility criteria and the application of Easy-clean Technology are two other constants in the design of Meler equipment. The inclination of the tank favors the flow of adhesive towards the hopper and minimizes material remains at the end of the day
The rear casing is easily removed to allow direct access to the inside of the equipment. The pump-piston assembly can be removed en bloc by simply loosening 4 screws. Maintenance of the equipment is intuitive and simple, designed to optimize daily work.