Flexible High-Pressure Hose

Pressure wash hose for improved ergonomics, productivity and safety

  • Flexible High-Pressure Hose
    Flexible High-Pressure Hose

Gates announces the launch of the Clean Master Plus hose range, the newest addition to Gates' industrial hose lineup, built for high pressure washing applications in demanding industrial environments. Clean Master Plus leverages innovation in advanced materials and wire reinforcement technology to operate at extremely high pressures of up to 42 Mpa (420 bar – 6000 psi). This next generation hose construction also stands out for being 22% lighter and 50% more flexible on average compared to existing 42 Mpa hoses, improving ergonomics and safety, reducing worker fatigue while also increasing productivity.

Operation with higher temperatures

The high-pressure hoses have a higher operating temperature (up to +150ºC) compared to existing version and the compact design reduces space requirements for storage. It is compatible with Megacrimp™ couplings and Gates Crimpers, REACH compliant and has an ozone and abrasion resistant cover for lasting performance in tough environments.

Clean Master Plus is a result of Gates' Eco-Innovation™ product development system. This process leverages the company's capabilities across materials science development, process engineering and product design to develop high-quality, high-performance products with reduced environmental impacts through their life cycle.