OE Automotive Hose Ranges

Include a fuel hose and two air hoses

  • Molded Fuel Line Hoses
    Molded Fuel Line Hoses
  • Crankcase Ventilation Hoses
    Crankcase Ventilation Hoses
  • Air Intake Hoses
    Air Intake Hoses

Gates will introduce in Q2 three new hose ranges for passenger car applications. Among the now extended product portfolio, the molded fuel lines hoses are designed for petrol and diesel applications in fuel management systems. This new range provides more durable solutions to problems caused by poor fuel quality, which can cause blockages. Damage to O-rings through prolonged use and failure of line joints and plug-in/plug-out failures can take place during injector replacement or maintenance procedures.

Hoses for air control systems

The crankcase ventilation hoses are enhanced with more durable plastics. Applications covered by the first 25-part numbers of the new Gates range will include BMW E38, E39, Ford Focus Mk 1, as well as 1.4L Fiat 500 and 1.4L Punto Grande. Last, thanks to a strong OE pedigree, Gates air intake hoses are manufactured to assembly line standards from proven EPDM and NBR materials. The first 25-part numbers will include a variety of applications, such as 2.5L BMW E39 and 523i (‘96 onward) 1.6L Ford C-Max TDCi (’03 onward) and 1.5L Dacia Logan DCi. 

The new ranges will be introduced complete with online technical support (www.gatestechzone.com) and follow the introduction of cooling system and turbo hoses added to the Gates product portfolio last year.

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