Melters for Hot-Melt Processes with High Demands on Adhesives

Innovative solutions for high-volume adhesive processes

  • Melters for Hot-Melt Processes with High Demands on Adhesives
    Melters for Hot-Melt Processes with High Demands on Adhesives

With the launch of the Micron + Titan range, Meler extends its range of hotmelt glue applicators for demanding adhesive consumption processes. The Micron + Titan 200 and Micron + Titan PUR are designed for hot melt adhesive applications, which are constantly growing in various sectors, and offer easy-to-use, specialised solutions with the aim of maximising industrial productivity in a simple and convenient way. 

Micron by Meler offers hot melt systems designed for Industry 4.0 and based on a fundamental principle: "to keep industrial adhesive application simple". Meler has developed systems that are both advanced and intuitive. They can be adapted to any production where gluing processes are involved. The Micron + range is equipped with a 16" touch screen that allows direct control of the main parameters (pumping, temperature, operating modes...) and its electronic platform allows real-time data monitoring.

Efficiently achieve the best results 

The Micron+ Titan 200 has a high melting capacity with a 200 litre tank and is compatible with a wide range of adhesive formats, pillows, blocks and pellets. One of its main advantages is its efficient melting technology. Thanks to the homogeneous temperature distribution at all points of the tank, the melter ensures optimal adhesive care, saves energy consumption and allows to maximise industrial performance.

With the Micron+ Titan PUR Melter has created a dedicated unit that offers high speed adhesive melting with effective PUR hot melt adhesive conservation - one of the most complicated issues when using reactive adhesives in any production line. It's compatible with up to 2 blocks of 20kg unwrapped PUR adhesive. The design protects against moisture and charring to ensure best results. The Easy Clean concept streamlines maintenance for effortless operation, improving performance and safety.