Composite Repair System

Applied as corrosion protection

  • Composite Repair System
    Composite Repair System

Henkel has recently introduced LOCTITE® Composite Repair System and, in so doing, created a perfect reference site for the process.This innovative system allows corroded pipes to be repaired without interrupting operations, avoiding the high costs associated with unplanned shutdowns. It effectively eliminates the need for pipe sections to be replaced and substantially extends the lifetime of the repaired pipework system.

How it works

The first step is cleaning.  This is done by sandblasting the surface of the defective pipe section to a cleanliness level of SIS SA 2.5.  The blasting also produces a roughness of 75 micrometres peak-to-valley height in the steel surface and the resulting surface texture ensures physical anchoring in addition to the adhesive bonding with the coating material.

Next, LOCTITE® SF 7515 is applied as a short term corrosion inhibitor to prevent flash rust. The pipe is then wrapped with several layers of the high strength, glass-carbon fibre tape, LOCTITE® PC 5085, which has been impregnated with the two-part epoxy resin, LOCTITE® PC 7210.  Finally, several layers of topcoat, LOCTITE® PC 7255, are applied as corrosion protection. The repair system has been certified by DNV CL in accordance with the global quality standard ISO 24817.  This standard defines the criteria for the use of composite systems in petrochemical, oil and gas industries.  The method has also been approved by Lloyds Register - in conformity with ASME PCC-2 standard – and by TÜV Rheinland

Huge potential

The LOCTITE® Composite Repair System is now being used widely in refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants and water treatment systems.  Core applications are in the oil and gas industry where the system can be used in all upstream, midstream and downstream areas.  There are currently a high number of production plants across the world that have reached an age when they require general overhaul and this has prompted considerable interest in the capability of this unique LOCTITE® repair system.