Content Management System agorum® core

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The users can work with their documents as it is usual with them and they get many additional function

Content Management System agorum® core
Content Management System agorum® core

agorum has launched agorum® core, an audit-proof Document- and Enterprise Content Management System (DMS/ECM). The users can work with their documents as it is usual with them and they get many additional functions.

The system combines an efficient document storage place and central provision of information with e-mail, workflow, wiki and forum functions together with address books and calendars.

Therewith is agorum® core a holistic DMS/ECM Solution with which it is possible to image electronic files and integrate them into business processes. The heart of agorum® core is the so-called DMS-Drive, which allows the operator to work with the DMS like with a usual network drive.

Posted on March 11, 2016 - (151 views)
Agorum Software GmbH
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