Control System Management Software

Reduces downtimes for better performance and time savings

  • Control System Management Software
    Control System Management Software

Honeywell Trace R130 is the latest change management software from Honeywell. It enables better control system performance by reducing data collection times (from days to 4 or 6 hours) and troubleshooting times (by up to 40%). This software offers a holistic view by delivering daily snapshots of control system configuration, changes and engineering anomalies in order to optimize  system management. It captures the data without any performance impact to the control system.

Changes corrected, process improve, enhanced performance

Trace R130 features component view and search support for Honeywell Experion PKS such as custom display files, seamless navigation across multiple system views to facilitate investigations, or column filtering and re-sizing capabilities that enable clearer visibility of anomalies and changes. It also has expanded storage capabilities, improved detailed parameter data and search functionality, system-class licenses that can be migrated along with users to future upgrades, and new perpetual and term licensing options.

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