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For gearboxes

  • by Varvel
  • March 18, 2013
  • Conversion Kit
    Conversion Kit

At Hannover Messe, VARVEL will show the advance presentation of new products ISM and BSM in kit form that allows the conversion of a standard stocked unit with input flexible coupling into a new gearbox with built-in input solid shaft or back-stop attachments. Besides this advance presentation, the company displays the traditional production of hollow output shaft gearboxes Series RN-RO-RV made of a common body to the three series: RN shaft mounted, RO bevel/helical in-line and RV bevel/helical right-angle gearboxes. The assembly of specific input covers converts the common body into three specific product series RN-RO-RV and permits the same footprint for the three versions, a higher flexibility and assembly easiness together with shorter lead times. The gearboxes are manufactured in six sizes - aluminium pressure die cast for the smaller three sizes and grey cast iron for the others - with 30 reduction ratios in two or three stages and output torques from 180 to 3200 Nm. Many feet or flange fixings, torque arms for shaft mounting, and various output shaft arrangements (hollow with key, shrink-disk or splined, and single or double solid shaft) are available to the highest variety of applications.

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