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With lengths up to 6m and widths to 0.5m

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Offering the right part feeder for every application, MISUMI has introduced new conveyors that feature a head drive, centre drive or integrated drive, with lengths ranging from 190 to 6000 mm and widths from 30 to 500 mm. The belt width can be configured in 10-mm increments, and the length in 5-mm increments. The motor power output ranges from 6 to 90 W. Users have a choice between elastomer resin, stainless steel or timing belts, as well as a whole host of accessory parts including stands, guide rails, transfer rollers and plastic chains. There is also the option of flat belts and timing belts. Standard conveyors with a head drive are especially good value because very few parts are fitted. In this version, the end roller serves as the idler pulley. Conveyors with a centre drive offer the option of adjusting the motor position, and the belt tension in the central drive area can be adjusted without altering the length of the conveyor. It is easy to move the drive unit within the adjustment area. The conveyors with a motor integrated into the frame and the extra-narrow or short conveyors are ideal if you want to save space. Alternatively, the dual track conveyors are perfect for conveyor systems with sensor detection between the belt and pallet feed. Space is available between the tracks for stoppers or sensors to be installed. Conveyors with stainless steel belts boast highly even surface and high thermal resistance and conductivity, while full-belt conveyors utilize the entire surface as a transport area. A guide wedge to secure the belt route is available as an optional extra for all conveyors. This ensures directional stability even under the weight of the goods being conveyed.

Posted on July 26, 2012 - (1090 views)
MISUMI Europa GmbH
Katherina-Paulus-Strasse 6
65824 Schwalbach am Taunus - Germany
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