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Custom designed miniature nickel alloy metal bellows can be made as small as .020 inch (.5 mm) in diameter and still retain full sensitivity and flexibility. Seamless and nonporous; no dust, dirt, or moisture can lodge in seams and cause contamination in critical applications. Zero-backlash, flexible shaft couplings meet rigorous needs in precision rotary positioning systems,where high flexibility, sensitivity and extreme accuracy in dimensional tolerances and concentricity are critical.The self-aligning spring contacts meet critical solderless connection needs in miniature electronic applications, and feature negligible insertion and inductance loss. They can be used for repetitive connect and disconnect. The lightweight, structurally rigid electroforms are a solution for needs involving unusual shapes, close tolerances, high strength and ultra-thin walls,and can withstand extreme temperatures down to -252°C.

Posted on August 1, 2009 - (205 views)
Servometer/PMG, LLC
501 Little Falls Road
07009-1291 Cedar Grove - USA
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