Cool Muscle Motors

Used in Biosafe Sepax systems

  • Cool Muscle Motors
    Cool Muscle Motors

Reliance Precision announces that its Cool Muscle motors have now been used in 500 Biosafe Sepax systems. The Sepax systems are used for automated adult stem cell banking and cell processing applications. The Biosafe Sepax system is an automated, mobile, closed unit for the efficient and consistent processing of umbilical cord blood, bone marrow, peripheral blood or other cell based products.

Separation of the different cell components

Biosafe began trialling Reliance's Cool Muscle motors in 2010 in its Sepax systems, using the motor to help accurately separate the different cell components via single-use cell separation kits. The Cool Muscle motor senses when the different single-use cryobags are filled with the correct amount of cellular products and was so successful in trials that Biosafe continued to use it in its Sepax systems, more than 500 of which are now in use world-wide.

Julien Camisani, Scientific and Technical Director at Biosafe explains: "We used to have stepper motors in our automated blood banking systems but this process was sometimes inefficient.Since adding the Cool Muscle motors to our Sepax systems we have not experienced any of the issues we did when using stepper motors. We are so satisfied with the excellent quality of the Cool Muscle motors that we intend to continue using them in our Sepax systems and in future development projects."

Stephen Guy, Reliance's Business Manager, Life Sciences comments: "We're delighted to hear that our Cool Muscle motors are making such a difference in the Sepax systems. Biosafe's continuing use of our motors in this important life science application is an excellent endorsement and demonstrates to laboratory automation suppliers that Reliance can consistently provide high-quality components for producing robust, reliable laboratory automation and processing platforms."