Crouzet Acquires Microprecision Electronics

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The acquisition will allow Crouzet to expand its portfolio of electromechanic and electronic components

Sensor Technology

Micrprecision plant in Vouvry, Switzerland
Micrprecision plant in Vouvry, Switzerland

On 26 November 2019, Crouzet Automatismes SAS has announced the acquisition of Microprecision Electronics SA. Following the acquisition of Garos earlier this year, Crouzet continues to implement its growth strategy by expanding its geographical presence in Central Europe thanks to Microprecision’s facility in Switzerland.

Remarking the importance of the acquisition, Gerald Grandsire, M&A Director at Crouzet, stated, “Microprecision delivers value to its customers through product quality, engineered solutions and flexible services. Both companies’ activities are very complimentary.”

Complementarity and mutual benefits

Though this acquisition, Crouzet will expand its portfolio with Microprecision’s electromechanical precision components such as precise snap action switches and highly accurate position sensors suitable for demanding industrial applications. On the other hand, Microprecision will be able to access Crouzet’s established supply chain. 

Vito Carrea, Managing director at Microprecision, commented, “Microprecision will benefit from the clout of Crouzet’s global sales and marketing network, to deliver further growth. The Microprecision brand, enhanced by Crouzet’s industrial strength, will continue to stand for quality, reliability and superior customer service. 

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