Custom-Tailored Cooling Solutions

Efficient cooling of switch-mode power supplies

  • Custom-Tailored Cooling Solutions
    Custom-Tailored Cooling Solutions

In the supply of electrical power using switch-mode power supplies, waste heat is generated in the electronic components for physical reasons. Effective dissipation of this heat requires custom-tailored cooling solutions. Which cooling solution to use depends on the power dissipation and on the requirements of the particular device. CTX offers a wide range of different types of heat sinks for optimal dissipation of heat in high-performance components. The cooling system is custom tailored to the size and power of the particular application, as well as the available installation space.

Heat sinks for natural convection

To meet the requirements of robust and low-maintenance devices, passive cooling systems such as profile heat sinks are often the ideal solution. Aluminum profile heat sinks – also known as die-cast or extruded heat sinks, depending on the manufacturing process – are the classic method for cooling of power electronics. Their fins provide a large cooling surface for effective heat dissipation through natural convection. Applications range from cooling of semiconductors in small mobile end devices to cooling of high-power IGBTs in railway technology.

Cooling solutions for forced cooling

The high fin density of high-performance heat sinks creates a substantial surface area. In combination with a fan for active cooling, they provide a highly efficient cooling system, which makes them ideal for use in power supply devices.

In applications with tight installation conditions that prevent direct mounting of high-performance heat sinks, for example, heat pipes are the ideal solution. The copper heat pipes transfer the heat from the electronic component to the heat sink, which then dissipates the heat into the ambient air. In the case of very high heat generation, the heat pipe system can likewise be combined with a fan.

For applications in which passive or fan-supported cooling systems meet their limits, CTX offers application-specific, efficient liquid-cooled heat sinks. Mounted directly at the hot spot, these compact, high-performance heat sinks dissipate the heat quickly.