Data Analyser DynaMaster

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It provides measurement of signals

Test & Measurement

Data Analyser DynaMaster
Data Analyser DynaMaster

The modular IfTA DynaMaster offers a powerful, ready-to-use all-in-one solution that brings the collection, visualization and analysis of your data together in a compact form. Up to 32 analog signals can be recorded simultaneously at 51.2 kHz, along with 32 slow- and 32 digital signals. IfTA's new FleXense technology offers flexibility that has been unattainable until now, even at the modular level. FleXense provides measurement of voltage and current signals, charge amplifier, strain-gauge (Wheatstone) bridge circuits, IEPE-power supply and galvanic isolation for every channel. In addition to these measurement inputs, operating- or test data can be collected via OPC, DataSocket, Modbus, Profibus or CAN Bus. Retrofitting a real-time CPU module together with output modules enables protection and control tasks. The powerful and high-performance analysis software, with its intuitive user-friendly operating concept and extensive plot suite completes the package.

Posted on May 5, 2015 - (343 views)
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