DC Power Electronics for Fast Charging Stations

Can provide charging power of up to 350 kW

  • The CHARX power DC power electronics from Phoenix Contact
    The CHARX power DC power electronics from Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact offers the CHARX power DC power electronics for fast charging stations as a modular system for DC charging stations. This highly efficient power electronics allow cost-effective operation of the HPC charging infrastructure for fast charging electric vehicles, such as buses and trucks in particular.

Operation in large-scale charging parks and quick reparation

The system comprises a cabinet which can be equipped with up to four power modules by means of rack mounting. The power modules can be connected flexibly depending on requirements. This enables scalable charging power. By linking several system cabinets together, large-scale charging parks in the megawatt range can also be operated. They can be repaired quickly thanks to the power modules’ hot-swap capability.

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