DC Charging Controller

For modern fast charging stations

  • DC Charging Controller
    DC Charging Controller

The EV Charge Control Professional controller from Phoenix Contact is a versatile DC charging controller that takes care of all control, communication and visualization tasks within the charging station. Two independent charging points can be operated: one for fast DC charging (compliant with DIN SPEC 70121) and another for conventional AC charging (in accordance with IEC 61851-1).

Versatile and configurable

The programmable PT1000 input enables the controller to continuously monitor the temperature at the power contacts of the vehicle connector. The integrated 3G mobile network modem also facilitates remote access, and the pluggable Push-in connection terminal blocks permits to complete the installation quickly without any tools. In addition, a CHAdeMO interface can be implemented and Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485 and CAN-bus interfaces can be used to flexibly combine all the necessary charging station components in an overall system.

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