Delta Line Introduces its New Member: Electronics&Drive

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E&D aims to become a recognized leader in the motion control industry

Motors & Drives

Lionel Munsch, Business Development Manager from Delta Line presents Brushless DC Motors and Drivers made by E&D at SPS 2019
Lionel Munsch, Business Development Manager from Delta Line presents Brushless DC Motors and Drivers made by E&D at SPS 2019

During SPS 2019, Delta Line officially launched its new line of motion solutions and drive electronics: E&D for Electronics&Drive. Born from a collaboration between Delta Line SA (Switzerland) and Ever Elettronica (Italy), E&D aims to become a recognized leader in the Motion Control industry. Their products present a combination between quality stepper motors and BLDC motors from Fulling Motor Company (China, Delta Line’s partner), and state of the art designed motion controllers from Ever Elettronica. The hardware and software motion systems are engineered for applications in the Healthcare, robotics, industrial automation, textile, security & access and domotics sectors, among others. E&D’s technical network helps solve complex motion problem from selecting the optimal standard product to developing the product that meets the application requirements.

A broad range of brushless and stepper motors

E&D provides a portfolio of Brushless and Stepper motors with integrated encoder and integrated electronics, IP65 solutions, as well as stand-alone drivers/controllers for brushless and stepper motors. For instance, the Aries line of fieldbus vector drives is designed to command stepper motors with a significant noise reduction, less heating and smooth movements. This line fits the use for driving 2-phase hybrid stepper motors and can be coupled mainly with the series of motors from Nema 8 to Nema 34. Using Arm Core M4, these completely digital drives can be used in the types of machines where there is already a fieldbus master controller to control single or multi-axle systems. The products and solutions are available worldwide from E&D’s logistics center in Switzerland and are supported locally in Europe and USA by local technical and commercial support.

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