DeviceNet NICs

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Real-time control & data acquisition


DeviceNet NICs
DeviceNet NICs

Using an enhanced FPGA design to extend reliability and performance, the SST DN4 high-performance DeviceNet network interface cards (NICs) from Molex Incorporated are suitable for real-time control and data acquisition applications, which range from PC control and HMI/SCADA systems, to robotics, network configuration, troubleshooting and diagnostic tools.  Simultaneous execution of Group 2 Client (Master) and Server (Slave) operations allows the OEM and end-user to implement control schemes where all capabilities may be required; a typical example would be in robotic control cells. Suitable for any DeviceNet control scheme, the DN4 supports poll, strobe, change-of-status (COS) and cyclic I/O messaging. The QuickConnect capability of the cards in Client (master) mode allows the devices to be accessed on power-up in <500 ms. The cards provide multiple network support for all standard DeviceNet baud rates (125, 250 and 500 Kbaud), as well as use in CAN networks (2A and 2B, up to 1Mb per second), reducing OEM inventory. For application flexibility, they are available in a variety of product formats with support for the standard PCI (3.3/5V) and PC/104 buses. Available in both single- and dual-channel formats, the cards additionally support the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) Safety Server (Slave) reducing implementation time of the company’s CIP Safety Stack significantly. Multi-slave (Server) versions of the PCI bus card are available (1 channel only) to support control system simulation, reducing design and field-commissioning time. The DN4 NICs are designed and conformance tested in accordance to ODVA standards (Volume 3, v. 1.8), and are form-fit-function replacements for the existing DN3 family of products providing a high performance upgrade path or connections to legacy systems.

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Posted on February 7, 2011 - (1449 views)
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