Passive Signal MPIS Boxes

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Passive Signal MPIS Boxes
Passive Signal MPIS Boxes

Molex extends its Brad® Passive Signal MPIS (Multi-Port Interconnect System) line-up with the inclusion of WSOR (Weld-Slag and Oil-Resistant) home-run cables. The cost-effective IP67/IP68-rated rugged designs are contained in fully-potted, black PBT housings, enabling the new Brad MPIS boxes to be used in harsh factory-automation environments, such as those found in automotive, machine building, material handling and other industrial factory automation applications.

The Molex Brad passive signal MPIS boxes are available as standard with pre-wired 5, 10 or 15 metre home-run cable or alternatively with either a M16 or M23 pluggable home-run connector port. Brad® Nano-Change™ M8 interfaces come in 4, 6, 8 or 10 port versions, and Brad® Micro-Change™ M12 with 4 or 8 ports. Threaded connectors are currently available with push-to-lock connectors following later. Dual-wired M12 Passive Signal MPIS boxes can save additional space by offering the possibility to connect 2 sensors per port via a Y-splitter; 4-port M12 dual-wired boxes can therefore accommodate 8 sensors without increasing the size of the housing.

Rated for a wide -25 to +85°C operating temperature range, the compact MPIS boxes can be mounted from the top (M8 or M12) or from the side (M8). LEDs provide easy visual indication for maintenance and status purposes. The MPIS boxes can handle up to 30V DC, or up to 120V DC for the non-LED versions. The WSOR cable certifications include UL 758/1581 and VDE 472-803/B specifications for harsh-environment applications.

Posted on November 4, 2015 - (178 views)
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