Differential Pressure Transmitter

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for usage in wet and humid areas

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Differential Pressure Transmitter
Differential Pressure Transmitter

VEGA's VEGADIF 65 differential pressure transmitter comes in a selection of housings in plastic, aluminum and stainless steel, in single or double chamber formats. These transmitters have a metallic, piezoresistive measuring cell, offering ranges from 10mBar ... 40 bar and very good accuracy < 0.075 %. The use of remote electronics allows deployment in very wet and humid areas. A range of process connections and chemical seals are available in a variety of materials. Isolating systems can be installed via the scaled-down process fitting assembly, along with various diaphragm materials like Monel or Tantalum. Process temperatures of -40 ... +400 °C and static process pressures up to 420 Bar do not present any problem.

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