Digital Analyzer

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Compatible with all Memosens sensors

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Digital Analyzer
Digital Analyzer

Available in a 12.5 mm wide modular housing, Knick’s MemoRail digital plug-and-measure analyzer enables easy pH, conductivity, and oxygen measurements with pre-calibrated Memosens sensors, which can be used without an on-the-spot visualization on the transmitter. Compatible with all Memosens sensors, it can be easily configured via a DIP switch. The measured process value and the temperature can be transmitted to all common PLCs as floating signals via two standard signal current outputs. Two power supply types are available. A 24 V DC model can be connected either directly or via DIN rail bus, and a VariPower model can be operated from 90 to 230 V AC/DC. In addition to MemoRail, the company offers an assortment of Memosens components including MemoSuite, a software tool for calibration, diagnosis, and documentation, and the PortaSim simulator.

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Posted on March 10, 2011 - (1729 views)
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