Sensor Management Software MemoSuite Advanced

The latest version of the MemoSuite Advanced enables users to easily pre-calibrate sensors for pH, ORP, oxygen

  • Sensor Management Software MemoSuite Advanced
    Sensor Management Software MemoSuite Advanced

Knick offers an enhanced version of their sensor management software for Memosens technology: MemoSuite Advanced allows for the calibration of up to ten sensors at once. The intuitive-to-operate PC software enables users to easily pre-calibrate sensors for pH, ORP, oxygen, conductivity and temperature measurement under optimal conditions in the lab, i.e. completely dispenses with complicated on-site calibrations in adverse environmental conditions.

Sensors can be connected to a PC via USB using the interface converter MemoLink included in supply. In addition to the calibration function, MemoSuite Advanced completely records all calibration data and logs operational times (across all or under extreme process conditions) allowing for documentation according to legal requirements such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11. The software also displays current measuring values, sensor data and the latest adjustments and supports a multitude of established calibration methods.

For pH sensors, a comprehensive buffer catalog with various buffer sets for individual compilation is available as well. If needed, customers can implement their own buffer sets. Calibration reports - the software includes several templates - or MS Excel data records can be generated. The MemoSuite database enables users to implement a predictive maintenance strategy. Lifetime sensor data records also facilitate long-term planning of replacement cycles and optimized maintenance strategies.

Sensor data tables can be freely configured and database entries can be sorted, filtered or grouped and compared. In addition, the software supports visualizations of statistical findings and sensor histories, and provides an export function for detailed reports.