All-In-One Gateway With New Cloud Interface and Mobile App

Updated solution for remote management of field equipment

  • All-In-One Gateway With New Cloud Interface and Mobile App
    All-In-One Gateway With New Cloud Interface and Mobile App

The new Ewon Netbiter EC360W is an all-in-one gateway for worldwide use. This new model includes a diversity antenna, making it more robust and ensuring better connectivity in harsh environments. Additionally, the launch of the Netbiter Argos app offers new opportunities for service teams to manage notifications. 

The Ewon Netbiter EC360W connects field equipment to the Argos cloud via Cellular 4G or Ethernet, facilitating seamless data exchange. The device's dual-antenna setup ensures reliable communication even in the most challenging conditions. The cloud platform displays data via both the web and the new Argos mobile app. With the new Argos mobile app, users can receive and manage notifications. They will now be able to respond to alarms faster and more efficiently, enhancing the monitoring capabilities and responsiveness of this management system.

Remote management of a wide equipment range  

With the Netbiter EC360W gateway and the Netbiter Argos cloud, users can enjoy comprehensive insights into their equipment’s performance and status. The solution allows remote management of a wide range of field equipment spread across the globe: power generators, air compressors, chillers, and many more. It is ideal for ensuring the continuous performance and maintenance of critical equipment, even in remote locations.

The Netbiter Argos solution is perfectly suited for rental companies that manage and monitor various assets used for power generation. Offering an out-of-the-box, end-to-end solution, it allows these businesses to effectively track and service diverse fleets of equipment deployed across numerous locations. Netbiter Argos is ideal for companies whose equipment demands constant supervision. It ensures maximum operational efficiency and uptime. Additionally, it's a scalable, future-proof solution designed to handle expanding fleets of equipment seamlessly.