The Benefit of 5G in the Factory

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In this whitepaper, the benefits of 5G in the factory and the impact on smart manufacturing are described

Industry 4.0

The Benefit of 5G in the Factory
The Benefit of 5G in the Factory

HMS. With the arrival of 5G technology, the manufacturing industry faces its biggest transformation yet. Safer, flexible and more efficient manufacturing systems will be possible thanks to the ultra-low-latency and reliability of 5G connectivity. This enables continued automation of robots and warehouse transportation as well as cutting cables for true flexibility. The fourth industrial revolution can only succeed by relying heavily on wireless communications in the factory. From a technical perspective 5G is the technology which is best suited for the future factory. In this whitepaper we describe the benefits of 5G in the factory and the impact on smart manufacturing.

Posted on May 8, 2019 - (282 views)
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