Digital Flow Rate & Total Display Indicator

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Adaptable, it fits the use in numerous flow and rate measurement application

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Digital Flow Rate & Total Display Indicator
Digital Flow Rate & Total Display Indicator

The Pulsite Solo from Titan Enterprises is a compact, IP64 compliant, low-cost digital flow rate and total indicator that can be configured to any flow element. Requiring no external power, it is available as a panel and surface mounted unit. Through two front panel keys and by following the prompts on the LCD display, programming on the Pulsite Solo is made quick and simple.

Versatile, it can be externally dc powered for use with electronic sensors

Battery powered and designed to indicate a variety of pulse input such as coil, reed switch and logic, the Pulsite Solo will take frequencies up to 2 KHz and scale them to display rate or total. The scaling factors are adjustable from 0.01 to 9999 and the time base is selectable as seconds, minutes, or hours. When solely powered by the replaceable battery, the Pulsite Solo can operate more than 5 years when used as a flow totaliser. As a digital flow rate measuring instrument, the battery life of the Pulsite Solo depends on the duty cycle but will still provide several years of operation. 

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