Titan Enterprises Pushes Worldwide Flowmeter Sales Beyond Expectations

The company has achieved a 33% increase in sales revenue over the last 2 years. With momentum continuing across the 3 key regions - UK, Europe and the USA - Titan looks set to reach a similar level by the end of the 2023/24 fiscal year.

  • Titan Enterprises Pushes Worldwide Flowmeter Sales Beyond Expectations
    Titan Enterprises Pushes Worldwide Flowmeter Sales Beyond Expectations

The UK-based manufacturer specialising in small-bore liquid flowmeters has developed an expansive network of distributors and partners around the world to extend its reach. With a strong market presence in Europe, America, Australia and East Asia, Titan is meeting the international demand for its quality flow meter products across key industries.

“We value our global partners as they provide our international customers with local support and technical expertise. They also enable our flow measuring products to reach markets that might otherwise be restrictive, such as the USA,” says Jeremy Thorne, Operations Manager for Titan Enterprises

Titan heavily invests in R&D and manufacturing in low-cost turbine meters

In Europe, growth continues to be strong despite the combined impact of Brexit, Covid, and sharp rises in raw material and energy costs. Titan’s robust and reliable flow meter technology is being utilised within innovative designs and development of products that have a direct impact on sustainability, waste reduction, alternative energy use and broader environmental and financial savings. 

Titan continues to believe in the fundamental strength of our business, heavily investing in R&D and manufacturing our low-cost turbine meters which contribute to 55% of global product sales. We will continue to invest in marketing and innovation to drive sustainable long-term growth and broaden our product portfolio to meet customer needs, both with our standard flowmeter products and OEM applications.

Titan’s flowmeter range delivers a variety of parameters and technology, including chemical resistance, long-life, clean bore and low flow. This enables them to provide liquid flow control solutions to a diverse range of industries, from breweries to pharmaceuticals, laboratories to medical, bio-engineering to chemical and petrochemical, agriculture to high-performance vehicles.

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