Titan’s NSF-Approved Beverage Flow Meter

Ideal for monitoring bar tap flow

  • Titan’s NSF-Approved Beverage Flow Meter
    Titan’s NSF-Approved Beverage Flow Meter

Titan’s NSF-Approved Beverage flow meters are ideally suited for applications where both food hygiene and precision flow measurement are required. These mini turbine flow meters accurately monitor and check the flow of beverage – beer, gin, soft drink for example - being dispensed through accurate batch delivery systems such as bar taps, bottling processes and within the distillery process.
The bearings within the Titan beverage flow sensors are made of sapphire for long life and reliability. The body is moulded from inert PVDF to ensure there is no contamination to any liquid passing through it.

Incorporating only non-metallic wetted components, the beverage meter delivers reliable, high performance over 6 flow ranges, from 0.05 to 15 L/min.

Based upon a unique Pelton wheel design, Titan’s beverage dispensing flow meters are inherently reliable and operational in tens of thousands of installations around the world.