Titan’s 900 series Turbine Flowmeters

They are the ideal choice for metering aggressive chemicals

  • Titan’s 900 series Turbine Flowmeters
    Titan’s 900 series Turbine Flowmeters

Agrochemical specialists, Stored Crop Conservation, manufacture fogging machines, a modified application system that utilise Titan’s 900 series turbine flow meters to extend the life of crops and maintain healthy storage environments.
The flow and volume of dispensed chemical is measured and monitored by Titan’s 900 series mini turbine flowmeters to ensure consistent and safe dispersal of these controlled chemicals used to treat and protect crops, grain stores, poultry units and glasshouses.

Stored Crop’s system for fogging agricultural food stores and crops with a very fine mist of appropriate agrochemical, ensures the whole volume is treated evenly. The durability and chemical resistance of Titan’s flow meters means that the different ‘fogging’ chemicals dispensed through Stored Crop’s machines, can be used in many different countries.

The combination of chemically resistant flow meter design and low flow rates to ensure precision measurement is well suited for chemical dispensing or batch-filling systems.